About Us

theFineFind is a world–class, curated collection of interior products you can source, manage and distribute directly through theFineFind by leveraging our expandable network of vendors.

At theFineFind, we care about authentic design and accessibility. We believe in the creative and their process. So, we’re changing the game.

TheFineFind empowers interior designers by providing better access to product customization through our network.

It is our mission to help your customers elevate the design process by connecting them to top-tier resources through our platform’s network.

Our Founder

Jodi Finer Zalk is the Founder and CEO of theFineFind and Creative Director of Fabricut Inc. She received her degree from Tulane University - majoring in Psychology and Business, followed by an associate degree from FIT in the Business and Marketing of Textiles.

Her idea for founding theFineFind came from being a third-generation family member of Fabricut and seeing the disconnect between supply chain and end-use application.
She believes interior designers should have the same opportunities that fashion and lifestyle influencers have. The concept is simple: bring beautifully designed products to a wider audience by helping shift the current supply and demand ecosystem.

theFineFind is a mechanism that enables design influencers to play in a new world. "I want creativity to be available to more people in a world where curators can reach larger audiences." theFineFind's goal is to be the most innovative environment for interior designers to meet consumer demand using emerging tools while ensuring that designers stay integral to the process. "Creating better accessability to uniquely curated products ensures continuity in the trade, and a stronger future for the industry at large."