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How does it work? / How is theFineFind - Designer relationship structured?

  1. We curate a line working closely with Designers composed of Pillows, Panels and Ottomans based on individual Designer aesthetics.
  2. We work behind the scenes to define a shopify site integrated with each Designer’s ecommerce business.
  3. Designers promote their business to friends and other designers.
  4. Designers earn commission on purchases made through their Shopify site.

What are the expected commissions?

  1. 15% at Retail 
  2. 10% at Trade

What are the costs to the Designer?

There is a monthly fee associated with membership on TheFineFind. There are no up-front setup fees associated with membership. Schedule a call to learn more.

How are orders taken?

Consumers place their orders directly through the designer's shop. Order placement and delivery will be handled by theFineFind.

How are bank accounts connected?

The designer will enter their banking details in the Shopify account directly, and when orders are placed, revenue goes directly into the designer's banking account.

Does theFineFind provide samples?

Yes; the designer will receive a complimentary memo kit for all fabrics in their collection, and the consumer will have the ability to purchase a memo kit through the designer's Shopify store.

What are the panel  - width options?

  1. Single Width = 18 1/2" + 3 1/2" Return
  2. Double Width = 37" + 3 1/2" Return

What are theFineFine’s sales goals and expectations?

We have lofty sales goals for ourselves that are not mandatory for Designers.  We are striving for $5000 to $10,000 in revenue per designer each month to lend value to designers’ businesses.

Interested in learning more?

 -Apply now or complete our questionnaire, and our team will reach out to you to provide a demonstration and additional details.

Once connected to a Shopify site, who is managing the inventory, the product supply updates, etc. within Shopify?

-theFineFind will manage everything related to the store, like updates to products, manage inventory, and consumer interactions. We will be working closely with vendors that will manage the fabric inventory and product execution with vendors. All of our finished goods vendors are USA-based.

-All finished goods are made-to-order.

-theFineFind will manage and facilitate orders and updates through Fabricut and Shopify, keeping your team in the loop from the time of first communication